What is a Pivot Point?

Seeing all possibilities while maintaining a principled center, responding to change while remaining balanced, the critical time, the key decision, the center of the compass drawn circle, positioning the heart and essence of your story…

Today, October 3rd marks the launch of the revised Pivot Point Media website. On this News section we will post articles and thoughts on the latest trends and insights.

But at the end of the day, regardless of means,  we are still media raconteurs, exploring the best ways to tell your story to distinguish your brand, goods or services.

What is a Pivot Point?

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Interactive Landscape

Interactive Landscape

We completed a cutting edge 3D Interactive Map for Duke’s Innovation and Entrepreneurship website.

The purpose was to showcase both the breadth and depth of the various programs on both the University and Medical campuses.

Fortunately they are adjoined creating the The Duke Landscape of Innovation….CLICK HERE

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The Pepsi Story

The Pepsi Story

Duke Regional conducts an annual event for their extraordinary staff to reinforce the core values that keeps it listed as one of the top hospitals in the state. This year’s video focused on just one patient whose battle with morbid obesity touched almost every department.  Pivot Point Media was grateful for the opportunity to tell the Herndon Family story.

Click Here for the “Pepsi” Story….

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3D Interactive Map Project

Happy to announce we just completed a new very handsome web project for Duke Regional Hospital.  We have built interactive maps in the past, but this is now a class above with great features:


1)      3D graphics

2)      Versatile formats – works well on any size screen or browser including smart phone and tablets

3)      Interactivity includes the ability to change view points

4)      Mapping of each major floor plan

5)      Links to appropriate websites and phone numbers.

Here’s the link to see it in action –

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The Blue Blood Rivalry Goes National!

Monday March 4th we had our Premiere Party hosted by Tyler’s Tap Room in Durham for the documentary – Duke Carolina, The Blue Blood Rivalry!  This is exciting for our company as co producers of our first full length feature and national distribution.  The show will appear on Movies on Demand on Time Warner and other outlets from March 7th until mid May 2013.

premiere party

Click Here for the Trailer!

ABC TV Interviews – Phil Ford, Carolina Basketball & NBA Star, Art Chansky- Author and Gil Fitts, head of Pivot  Point Media

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The Countdown Begins

Pivot Point Media was hired by Greatest Fan Films and REM Entertainment to provide the local filming and production of an exciting inside look on the greatest rivalry in collegiate sports – Duke Carolina Basketball.

After six long weeks of post production the film is complete and negotiations are underway with ESPN and CBS Sports.  Our goal is to have our documentary on the air for this 2013 college season.  So the countdown begins….

Click Here to see the Blue Blood Rivalry Trailer 

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Excellence at Durham Regional Hospital

We recently had the pleasure of working with Durham Regional’s Marketing Department to produce five videos reflecting the hospital’s core values – Integrity, Teamwork, Diversity, Safety and Excellence.  They were shown at the All Durham Regional Annual Event which was especially celebratory this year as it was named by US News and World Report as one of the top hospitals in the state.

The enthusiasm and commitment from their personnel is so evident we decided to keep the production stark and simple to allow their compelling statements to shine through.

 Click Here –  Excellence at Durham Regional Hospital

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Is Film Dead? Check out Side by Side

Keanu Reeves is not the first person who comes to mind as a Hollywood producer but he has gathered most of the A list directors into a single documentary to examine whether or not film can survive in the new digital world.

check out the trailer –

Post your thoughts………..! 

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